Why use Southern States Propane Gas? - Propane vs. Electricity
Economical, safe, clean-burning propane gas is the smart, convenient choice for your home, business, or farm. As the 14th largest supplier of propane gas in the country, Southern States is the experienced, dependable source for all your propane needs. Propane gas is a much more economical energy source than electricity for heating homes and buildings, heating rooms, and work spaces, cooking, heating hot water, drying clothes, and much more. In fact, depending on the appliance, you could save from 20% to 60% in energy costs by switching from electricity to propane gas.

Who Benefits from Propane?
Southern States offers a full range of propane gas services to meet your needs:

Residential: You can use propane gas for heating homes, rooms and work spaces; cooking, clothes drying; hot water heating; fireplace logs.

Commercial: Propane is great for heating buildings, offices and work spaces; restaurant cooking, industrial applications

Agricultural: For heating work spaces and livestock buildings, grain drying, tobacco curing, and poultry heating - See our page on Propane Powered Agriculture for Case Studies on Grain Dryers, Irrigation, and Weed Control.

Discover for yourself why Southern States propane gas is the safe, economical, and dependable choice for your energy needs.

Automatic Delivery
Using a degree day forecasting system, along with past usage history, Southern States' delivery system is set so all deliveries are made on an automatic basis. You never have to worry about running out or calling too late for delivery.

Budget Payment Plan
Avoid large, unplanned expenses. Sign up for a Southern States residential budget payment plan. Rather than having to pay for propane gas whenever it is delivered, you can pay a set, budgeted amount over a predetermined number of months. This plan helps take the worry out of staying warm and staying within your budget.