Non-Ethanol Gasoline
Southern States offers top quality regular and premium non-ethanol gasolines for every vehicle need. Ethanol Free Gasoline - Don't take chances with your small engines and stabilizer additives. Gasoline remaining in small engines that aren't used frequently can thicken and gum-up the carburetor. Use our Non-Ethanol Gasoline for reliable performance.

Discover the key to better fleet fuel management with FuelCard/24. Whether you have one vehicle or a large fleet,FuelCard/24 eliminates the need to store fuel with your own storage tanks. This plan helps you avoid meeting costly road requirements, and frees up money that would otherwise have to be in the bulk fuel inventory.

With FuelCard/24, you control who can use each card for security, a different fuel each card will have access to avoid mixing. More importantly, you will have an itemized record of fuel purchases at the end of each month for better record of usage, as well as tax reporting.

Southern States FuelCard/24 offers you a number of advantage, including:

  • Can be made product-specific to avoid mixing the wrong fuels
  • Itemized record of fuel usage and expenses by vehicle
  • Quick, easy pump access at your convenience
  • FuelCard/24 locations in 5 states
  • Access to top quality Southern States motor fuels and lubricants
Ask about Southern States FuelCard/24 today and hit the road to convenience.

Other fuel services - We offer economical propane, and diesel service with reliable automatic delivery, so you don't worry about running out. You have plenty of work to do, so let us take care of keeping your business fueled.