Agriculture Technology

imageAsk us about Grain Blower/Heater Replacements.


See our page on Propane Powered Agriculture for Case Studies on the use of Propane in your Irrigation, Weed Control, and Grain Drying.


We recommend Cenex® Lubricants for Agriculture
One thing you can control is what you put in your equipment. Cenex® lubricants stand the test of time with more than 75 years of proven off-road performance. They keep your engines and hydraulics running smoothly and provide superior protection for overworked load-bearing equipment.

There is no better way to protect new or used equipment and ensure continuous, high performance when it’s needed most, than with the CENEX® TOTAL PROTECTION PLAN® (TPP). The TPP warranty is available to those in the farming or forestry industries who exclusively use Cenex® products.

Grain Heater/Blower Replacement