Petroleum Products
Top quality: Propane, Diesel, Fuel Oil and regular, mid-grade, and premium Non-Ethanol Gasoline.
Now offering Fuel Oil to our Smithfield and Franklin customers.

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Southern States Gasoline
Southern States offers top quality regular, mid-grade, premium and non-ethanol gasoline for every vehicle need. Competitively priced Southern States gasoline can be delivered to your farm, home or commercial site.

Ethanol Free Gasoline
Don't take chances with your small engines and stabilizer additives. Gasoline remaining in small engines that aren't used frequently can thicken and gum-up the carburetor. Use our Non-Ethanol Gasoline for reliable performance.

Super Gold Premium Diesel
Reduces engine wear, and provides for quicker starting, and lubrication.

Home Heating Oil
Premium heating oil containing two special additives that make it better than regular heating fuel. Helps your furnace produce more heat from every gallon.

Propane Gas
Energy efficient propane delivered to your home, farm or commercial business. We also offer a cylinder filling station to service gas grills and industrial forklifts.

Premium grade kerosene for central heating or for use in today's modern space heaters.

You can count on Southern States for top performing diesel and gasoline engine oils, greases, gear oils, hydraulic fluids and more. We offer - Lubricants, Motor Oils, Antifreeze: A very large selection of types and specifications to meet the demands of your equipment.

For your convenience, Southern States offers tankwagon delivery to your farm or commercial site.

Fuel Card/24
Get 24-hour pump access at locations across Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky with Southern States FuelCard/24. It also provides better record keeping and control. (FuelCard is only available at select locations)

Flexible Financing
FuelCard is just one of our financing options. We have several other financing options available to fit your needs. We also accept all major credit cards.